“Rock Your Life: Be Daring, Dazzling and Divine.”

I hope you come to know that the world is waiting for who you are. There will never be another you. My deepest wish is that you allow yourself to be seen, heard and find joy in an unlimited world of possibility. It’s never too late. Believe in yourself and do it for the world.

Champion for Beauty

Sherry Brier is a lifelong successful artist/entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring women to reach their highest potential. In her desire to inspire and teach other women to pursue their own creative paths, she founded and directs Inner Rhythm Productions in Marin County, California. As a champion for beauty and a warrior against wasted potential she created, the largest online video library of women’s wisdom. She spends her days dancing, teaching, choreographing dances for her students and dance companies, writing, and playing hooky with her husband and cat. Frequent journeys to exotic lands and ancient cultures inspire her writing and choreographies. She is the author of DOORWAY TO ECSTASY: A Dancer’s Initiation, a book about her 30 years teaching, choreographing, performing, and directing her dance companies.

A Dancer’s Initiation

A Fascinating Spiritual Adventure and Detailed Teaching Manual of Egyptian Temple Dance: The Ancient Origin of Bellydance.

Undergoing a crisis of the heart and spirit, artist Sherry Brier meets a mysterious teacher of mystical movement who initiates her into Egyptian Temple Dance. As the enigmatic Prema Devi prepares Sherry for her Return to the Source, she introduces her to other masters of wisdom. From California to the sacred sites of Egypt, Sherry’s spiritual journey interweaves her present life with her far distant past, revealing the blueprint of her destiny. Follow her on her liberating path of transformation from self to Soul.


Although based on a true story, I call DOORWAY TO ECSTASY a metaphysical memoir, as some of the events transcend ordinary concepts of time and space. The character I call Prema is a composite of all the teachers I’ve been blessed with along my path. The words she says have come from the mouths of many. The teaching is my synthesis of all I have learned in my many years as both student and teacher.

DOORWAY TO ECSTASY is also a detailed teaching manual of transformational movement and performance. When a new student walks in the door, I immediately see the dancer she can become. I hold that vision in my mind until one day she is inside that image looking out at me. In between, there is much commitment, energy, and hard work for both of us as we follow the paths of initiation outlined in this book. The dancer I’m hoping to reveal is a unique expression of the Spirit. She is an artist who inspires, uplifts, and transports others into the healing world of Beauty.

An Adventure Into The


Remember how you felt when you believed that your real life was just beginning? You were excited for new adventures and possibilities. What happened to that girl? What happened to that bright light, that curiosity, that joie de vivre, that wild thing? In this inspiring guidebook you will:

  • Discover your unique purpose.
  • Become the hero of your own life.
  • Awaken your superpowers and light your fire.
  • Reignite your passion and jump-start your next step.

This book is a collection of articles, speeches, interviews, and revelations about women who have pursued their deepest visions and are living the life of their dreams. You too can rekindle that sense of excitement. There is so much more to come. Let’s begin…

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