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Living Your Magnificent Feminine Self

Be Daring: Come Alive With The Fire & Passion Of Your True Calling
Be Dazzling: Radiate Healing Light & Transcendant Beauty
Be Divine: Become The Doorway To Ecstasy
Let Others Enter Through You
Dance For The World

The largest video library of women’s wisdom to inspire, educate, and motivate you. Our personal videos offer personal revelations of women living passionate, joyful lives.

The Ultimate Feminine Art for Body, Mind & Spirit. From ancient Egypt to today’s cabarets and concert halls, bellydance remains a timeless art for the expression of the soul.

Breakthrough programs that can change you life and delight your soul – includes books and video trainings. A Mystical Map for the Visionary Traveler, Video Visionquest,


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    “It was wonderful to meet you at the Global Summit. I appreciate your depth and dedication over time to empowerment of women and the evolution of consciousness. I can feel it. It is vibrant, profound and important.”





    - Sarah D.
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    “My gratefulness to you and my practice of dance is an everyday blessing in my life. You know, your influence and gift to me will never die – instead, it is still flowering inside myself all the time!”

    - Marie T.
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    “You’re an AMAZING healer – so I wish for you to touch as many souls as possible!”

    - Mariam M.


Dancing, Teaching, Directing, Performing, Writing, Traveling, Choreographing and Living Light.

Sherry Brier is co-owner/director of Inner Rhythm Movement Arts Institute in Marin County, California. Frequent journeys to exotic lands and ancient cultures inspire her writing and choreographies. She is the author of DOORWAY TO ECSTASY: A Dancer’s Initiation.

She is founder/director of Women Rock Project: The largest online video library of women’s wisdom. With a degree in Creative Arts Education, she has taught Egyptian Temple Dance, improvisational movement, ritual and trance dance, and various ethnic forms. Inner Rhythm Dance. Sherry is founder/director of ShaktiQuest: A step into the divine feminine. Contact/New Projects.

“My personal mission is to manifest my highest dreams and visions, to inspire others, and to be a light in the world. My world vision is to make Women Rock Project a daily destination for women around the globe – that it will help us remember that everything changes, all things are possible, and to let love radiate.”

“This is my online temple. Each page is a portal to my current explorations into the world of women’s mystical wisdom. I envision a world where women are courageous, inspiring, and magnificent. Where we know why we were born and we’re doing what we love.  When we become the heroes of our own lives, we will change the world. Please visit and contact me with questions and comments.”





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